Nuclear industry

Long standing expertise for a reliable and safe operation

For new constructions and the overhauling of existing plants our division offers the appropriate solutions for nuclear process applications around the world with the highest consideration for safety. As one of the few manufacturers of metrology worldwide, we have all of the important approvals for the instrumentation of nuclear power plants and other nuclear facilities.

Our specialist team of engineers and technicians have developed extensive experience and knowledge on many nuclear projects. We offer a wide range of flow, level, temperature and pressure meters with a high level of safety consideration in all project procedures. All relevant approvals and certifications for design, manufacturing and testing of instrumentation for nuclear power plants (e.g. ASME Section III, RCC-M) are available. Additionally KROHNE can deliver qualifications and test reports according to IEEE 323, IEEE 344, and RCC-E for safety-related applications.

KROHNE Global Industry Division Nuclear industry

Our Global Industry Division Nuclear offers the appropriate solutions for nuclear process applications around the world, with the highest consideration for safety. With more than 40 years of experience in the nuclear industry we established strong long term cooperation with most of the key utilities and contractors world-wide. Focusing on the global nuclear market we offer a broad variety of process instrumentation and measurement solutions for nuclear power plants, research reactors, and nuclear reactors for ships and submarines, as well as in fuel cycle management and decommissioning of nuclear facilities. Our extended product portfolio fulfills the high quality and safety requirements of the nuclear industry and our global nuclear experts support you in any matter.

KROHNE Nuclear

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